4 Catholic Saints Your Child Might Learn About In Catholic School

When your child attends a Catholic school, you can expect a mix of both secular and religious education. Apart from learning about world religions, your child will also learn about Catholicism. While in Catholic school, there are a few saints that your child might learn about. You should know some of the influential saints that your child might learn about so that you can discuss them and their work with your child.

St. Paul

St. Paul's given name was Saul, and he changed his name after seeing a vision that converted him to Christianity and after he was baptized, he took the name Paul. St. Paul traveled the world spreading Christianity and while he traveled, he sent letters to many faithful Christians. The letters that survived became part of the bible. Paul is the saint of missionary work, writers and evangelists. 

St. Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc had visions at the age of thirteen of Saint Catherine, Saint Margaret and Saint Michael. In this vision, these saints implored her to drive out the English from the French territories. Joan traveled at the age of sixteen to meet with Charles the VII, and then later joined the war. Joan was captured and then prison and then later sentenced to death. St. Joan of Arc is the patron saint of France and of soldiers. 

St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas was a medical philosopher who has had a lasting impact on the theological and philosophical world. St. Thomas Aquinas wrote extensively on ethics, epistemology, Aristotle and theology and is likely best known for his five proofs of the existence of god. St. Thomas Aquinas both wrote and taught until his death. He is the patron saint of students and of universities and is still know to this day as one of the Catholic church's greatest theologians. 


Mary is one of the holiest saints and is the patron saint of all humanity. She is best known for being the mother of God, and many main events of her live are celebrated with feasts within the Catholic church. Some of Mary's early life is recorded in the New Testament, with less of her later life being recorded. Mary is often time referred to as Queen, due to her divine relationship with Jesus Christ. Mary is also known as a spiritual mother to Catholics, thought to nurture the spiritual lives of individuals within the Catholic church. 

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