Setting Your Infant up to Learn and Grow

Once you have a new baby, your life will be filled with so many surprises and revelations because they grow and develop so fast each day. As a parent, you should play an active role in teaching your infant and pushing them toward developing skills that will help them their entire life. In this article, you'll learn more about the skills your infant will naturally begin to develop, in addition to some pieces of advice on how you can get intentional about teaching your infant how to learn. 

What skills will your infant naturally begin to build as they develop?

The first year of life is filled with wonder and exploration for your infant. Week by week, their vision will become clearer, and they will begin to recognize your face and read your facial expressions as they learn about the world and their environment. The baby will develop motor skills which will help them manipulate objects and slowly become more physically coordinated. Your baby will also begin to think and reason as they make associations and learn how the world works. Think of them as sponges each day as your home and the world become their classroom. 

What kind of things should you go out of your way to teach your infant?

While your infant is soaking up so much information, it's the perfect opportunity to feed the new skills while their minds are still so receptive. Language is one of the first and most important skills your infant will begin to pick up. It's never too early to teach them these skills, so go out of your way to enunciate and make word associations when speaking to your child. This is particularly important if you speak more than one language and also want to make your baby bilingual. 

Incorporating quality music into your child's regular schedule can also be helpful to their development. In addition to helping them explore their musical abilities, music is useful in your child's social development, evening out their mood and temperament, and improving their self-esteem. 

Have you looked into a program to teach infants how to learn? You can get your baby set up with a program that will work them through skill-based repetition, in addition to setting them up with a system to make more mental connections. Check out the curriculum and make sure that you're setting aside time each day to work your infant through the program. Use these tips and start setting your infant on the path to lifelong learning. For more information, contact a program that teaches infants how to learn, such as Intellectual Infant.