Want To Avoid Public School For Your Soon To Be Kindergartener? Reasons Private Options Are Best

If your child is at the age where they are preparing to start kindergarten, and you worry that public school isn't the right option for you, start looking into private kindergarten options. There are many reasons why people are turning to smaller education options, like charter schools and private learning options.

Not only are people leaving public education and going to private learning, but the waitlists can be long. You will want to start shopping for schools and submitting applications today. Here are a few reasons why private kindergarten may be the right option for your child.

Hands-on Learning Approach

Studies show that children learn better when they are learning through hands-on techniques inside the classroom. This means:

  • Less time on tablets and electronics
  • Learning from real books
  • Experimenting and interacting inside the classroom
  • Learning through play

If you don't want your child to go to a classroom where they are watching a whiteboard and working on a tablet or laptop for hours of the day, a private kindergarten option is a better option for you.

Small Classroom Sizes

Large classroom sizes can have very negative effects on children. The large class sizes can make it difficult for the child to get the attention they need, bond with their teacher and other classmates, and get through all the information they need to learn in a day. With a private kindergarten option, there will be regulated classroom sizes for your child to have the best experience possible.

Transparent Curriculum

When you are paying privately for your child's kindergarten, you can decide if the school is right for their needs based on what they are teaching. You will sit with the school administrator and go over what is taught in the class, with everything from academic concerns to social matters. If you want a school that is religion-based, you can pay for that. If you want a school that doesn't bring religion or personal matters into the classroom, that is something else you can pay for.

Private kindergarten gives you more control over what your child is learning, and how much attention they are getting throughout the day. To get started, set a budget and start looking at private kindergartens in your area. Your child may want to tour each school as well to see what seems like the right fit, and what school has the most appeal to your new eager learner.