4 Catholic Saints Your Child Might Learn About In Catholic School

When your child attends a Catholic school, you can expect a mix of both secular and religious education. Apart from learning about world religions, your child will also learn about Catholicism. While in Catholic school, there are a few saints that your child might learn about. You should know some of the influential saints that your child might learn about so that you can discuss them and their work with your child. [Read More]

Writing A Winning Middle-School Essay On George Washington

As America's first president, George Washington is an intriguing and oft-written about historical figure. Writing a great middle school essay about him should be a piece of cake, but there are a lot of silly myths and untruths that haunt the president's career. Sort through these inconsistencies, find an intriguing topic, and supporting material to write a truly great essay. Ignore The Silly Myths Washington has been practically deified since the beginning of his presidency, to the point that it's hard to separate the fact and fiction of his life. [Read More]

Teaching English As A Second Language? Tools You Can Use To Help Your Students

Students who enter the country on student visas or immigrants who want to learn American English need to take an "English as a Second Language" course. If you teach one of these courses, then you know how difficult it is for many students to grasp the meaning of so many different words and how to construct typical American English sentences. There are some additional tools and resources you can use to help your students understand Amercian English better, and become better communicators. [Read More]

Important Facts For New Parents About The Waiting Lists For Baby Rooms

As you make your plans for returning to work after the birth of your new baby, you will probably need to understand as much as possible about waiting lists on the daycare programs you are considering using. For instance, it is important to note that many daycare centers have a waiting list, particularly in the infant rooms. In addition, given the length of those waiting lists, many facilities will ask for a deposit to secure your spot on the waiting list and it is a good idea to plan ahead for that extra cost. [Read More]