Stages Of Writing Development For Young Children

One of the biggest challenges for young children is learning to master the necessary skills for writing. For new parents, it can be difficult to understand how to help kids develop those skills. In order to effectively help your child build the skills needed for effective writing, you need to understand the phases of development that he or she will go through. Here's a look at each key phase and some tips to help your child progress through them. [Read More]

Has Your Child Been Bitten in Daycare? What You Need to Know

Not every toddler bites, but biting is a common enough occurrence in children of that age that many parents are going to encounter it at some point or another, especially if your child is frequently in contact with a group of other toddlers, as they would be at a daycare. If your child is the biter, there are a number of strategies that you and your daycare provider can use to prevent them from biting and break the biting habit. [Read More]